Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

I have to honor my Italian heritage and wish happy St. Joseph’s Day to everyone.   I have always taken great pride in being Italian.  I love the food, the country, the attitude of the people, their creativity throughout history, and on and on.  But one thing I don’t admire about Italians is there ability to be petty and hold grudges.  The word “vendetta” is an Italian word meaning revenge.   The fact that this Italian word has now been assimilated into the English language is no coincidence.

Now don’t get me wrong, every nationality has a segment of the population who are conflict-loving, irrational folks.  But in my 37 years as an attorney, some of the most hard fought family fights occurred in Italian families.  Thirty years ago I witnessed cousins almost come to blows over a used sausage-making machine that each felt had been promised to them by their zia (aunt).  I have seen two brothers each spend over $10,000 in legal fees fighting over household furniture and furnishings that could not have been worth more than $5,000 in total. Read More